Certification from Visit Scotland that ScotLux Tours is Covid 19 Safe and is protecting our customers

At ScotLux, protecting you is nothing new to us. Your safety is and always has been our number one consideration. We've taken steps to bolster our existing measures so that we can continue to provide you with best-in-class service, comfort, and joy.

Social Distancing

All our tours take you to incredible wide-open landscapes. Many of these locations are the main attraction for our guests due to their windswept beauty and sense of wilderness. Outside of our historic cities and towns, Scotland is one of the least densely populated places in the world. Avoiding the crowds is in our DNA.


We have fitted clear partition screens behind the drivers seat of our vehicles to maintain safety between you and your driver-guide. These are non-invasive and do not spoil your private guiding experience nor your view of our great outdoors. We are also well equipped with hand santiser, antibacterial cleansing wipes, and PPE if required. 

As always, you will have exclusive use of the vehicle on your private tour, which will be disinfected thoroughly between tours and throughout the day, and in which a steady airflow will be maintained.


We have pre-screened any visitor attractions we will visit to ensure we only take you to places which are strictly adhering to guidance whilst maintaining a worthwhile experience for you.


If you have any concerns whatsoever, we can amend your itinerary on the go to only visit those wide-open beauty spots. Luckily, there is no shortage in Scotland.

Rest assured, we will continue to monitor the situation and strictly adhere to the latest government advice. 

All of the above will be communicated to you on the day of your tour by your chauffeur-guide, who is there to make sure you have the safest, most enjoyable day possible.